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Message from Dale_hull at Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:28:12 GMT
new node hull uk feel free to come and have a listen on 24/7
Message from PaulD at Saturday, 17-Mar-12 13:14:11 GMT
Welcome to the ever growing network of live remote receivers.

Message from Firecrest55 at Sunday, 18-Mar-12 02:10:06 GMT
Look forward to having a listen mate, and welcome onboard.
Message from concorde at Saturday, 14-Apr-12 18:56:11 GMT
Hello Dale

Where has your node gone to??

Message from Dale_hull at Saturday, 19-May-12 14:26:53 GMT
hi, i keep having problems with the sql and also the chat keeps saying online offline. having serios probs
Message from norave at Saturday, 19-May-12 15:10:05 GMT
Sounds like the prob is on the serial line.
Message from Dale_hull at Wednesday, 12-Dec-12 22:51:01 GMT
still doing it 7 months later hence not having it on much

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