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Message from zs6ro at Wednesday, 01-Aug-12 06:44:29 GMT
The PC controlling the Node went belly-up and I am busy replacing it and bringing up the Johannesburg ZA Node again .. (and all my other services) ..

Please be patient ..

73, Dick ZS6RO.
Message from zs6ro at Friday, 10-Aug-12 17:18:30 GMT
I have replaced the motherboard and CPU, hard-drive, RAM, and re-installed the SuSe 12.1 operating system .. After tweaking the Linux OS, I battled to get the Node to work .. Was a 'permissions' issue with some of the Node files ...

After quite a few days of trying all sorts of configurations, I got the Node up and running without sound ...

I googled and found that there are issues with SuSe 12.1 and ALSA - I tried a few 'fixes' but nothing worked ..

I then used a USB 'soundcard' and configured that and now my Johannesburg Node is up and running 100% ...

73, Dick ZS6RO
Message from zs6ro at Tuesday, 18-Dec-12 14:36:53 GMT
The Johannesburg Node has been running for a few months and now suddenly the receiver apparently got hit by lightning ..

There was the usual daily thunderstorms but today there was a thunder crash right over my house (it was VERY loud!!) ... I just noticed that my PCR-1000 via Gloaltuners showed no signal strength on 'any' signal ... Strong FM broadcast station I can hear but nothing else - MW and SW are very 'quiet' ..

I m hoping its just the RF front-end semiconductor that has been fried .. I'll have to take the receiver off-line and take it apart and test ..

73, Dick ZS6RO.
South Africa.
Message from norave at Wednesday, 19-Dec-12 21:54:03 GMT
Hi Dick,

sorry to hear about that lightning strike. Let's hope it's not too bad and it's the only thing in your house suffering from that event.

73 from Amsterdam
Message from zs6ro at Thursday, 20-Dec-12 09:31:20 GMT
Sven, I get one thing right, then something else comes along to test me - *Sigh ....

I stripped the PCR-1000 down and there are no 'burn marks' anywhere, so I suspect it wasn't a direct lightning strike but an induced one ... So far, everything else appears to be OK in the house ... I've had this radio running 24/7 for years and years ....

I now must get my PCR-1000 software running to connect manually to the radio so I can check it out on my laptop (Windows-7 64kb) ... Thing is, my 'old' PCR-1000 software doesn'y seem to like Windows-7 64kb ........ And I'll be trying to use a RS-232 serial cable to USB ... (I've used RS-232/USB cables before on other PC's and other software with no problem) ..

At the moment I have other priorities so the PCR-1000 is a bit behind in getting a good proper look at - but I'll get there ................

73, Dick ZS6RO
South Africa.

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