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Message from erwin969 at Wednesday, 02-Jan-13 20:20:18 GMT
No one knows what happend?
Message from yvesvdd at Friday, 04-Jan-13 19:42:29 GMT
The nodes will be back soon on a new location, they will be back next week.
Message from voltadx at Friday, 04-Jan-13 22:21:55 GMT
Cool !
Message from erwin969 at Friday, 04-Jan-13 22:35:02 GMT
Ok thanks for the info. The new location is also in the NYC area I guess?

Last edited by erwin969 at Friday, 04-Jan-13 22:35:59 UTC
Message from nooler2002 at Sunday, 06-Jan-13 18:48:15 GMT
Hi all - I've just recently locked on to the NYC receiver and found it to be nothing short of excellent. I used this before Christmas and found reception to be superb.I have just come back from a Christmas trip to New York and was gutted to find that the node is down. Yvesvdd gives me a positive vibe that the receiver will soon be back on air - I can't wait !! All the best from Ireland.
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