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Message from N0NHP at Monday, 05-Nov-12 01:40:27 GMT
My computer turned toes up and I am trying to trouble shoot it. A power supply didn't solve the problem.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Message from N0NHP at Monday, 05-Nov-12 23:11:44 GMT
A new motherboard and microprocessor are on their way, ETA end of the week.
Message from N0NHP at Sunday, 11-Nov-12 21:37:28 GMT
Ok the rx is back, A whole new Microprocessor, motherboard, memory.... And I need some testers.
I am not absolutely sure everything is setup properly.

Message from N0NHP at Friday, 14-Dec-12 23:34:18 GMT
The blue screens finally got me.
I dug out the solder station and ordered some capacitors and after much cursing and related working The original motherboard and processor are back under the receiver. I hope this will solve many of the problems I have been having with this computer.
Now what to do with the new motherboard....

Message from N0NHP at Saturday, 21-Dec-13 20:53:50 GMT
I have been called out of town on personal business. The receiver will be turned back on when I return.
It may be an extended stay.

Message from N0NHP at Tuesday, 04-Feb-14 21:28:55 GMT
I am home and the receiver is back on line
Message from N0NHP at Saturday, 05-Apr-14 15:22:51 GMT
The Grand Junction receiver has been abused by too many users that have no regard for other users or the owner of the radio.
There for
The radio will no longer be available to any users.
Sorry, I have had some very good users over the years but a few bad apples have ruined the experience for me.
Thanks to the site operators for maintaining what should be a fun and useful setup.


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