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Message from E_Radiotracker at Friday, 28-Dec-12 03:33:39 GMT
Hi all, Radiotracker south of seattle wavin, There used to be a pacific DX reciever based in washington state, i thought it was really cool, but now its gone sadly.

I'm just wondering if theres a possibility of a new washington area reciever being posted here for everyone to listen to :)
Message from norave at Friday, 28-Dec-12 08:10:42 GMT
That is a great idea! Why don't you start offering one?
Message from ku4a at Friday, 28-Dec-12 15:27:31 GMT
GlobalTuners depends on people volunteering to host receivers. So, the possibility of a new Washington state receiver depends on whether or not anyone will step up to put a receiver online.
Message from E_Radiotracker at Friday, 28-Dec-12 20:45:04 GMT
I would do that Norave, but i dont have the setup to be able to do that, my scanner can be hooked up to the pc, but i dont have the cable or the soundcard to properly host a station for GT :(

I'd need to get a few things, and re arrange my radio room setup, lol
Message from nickstr1 at Saturday, 29-Dec-12 01:35:34 GMT
A scanner might not work with the tuner software because bear in mind only certain tuners are supported. I was actually the one that ran the Pacific DX tuner which existed from November 2010 to May 2011 which sadly is a short period of time but I had to move to Indiana.
Message from crainbebo at Friday, 04-Jan-13 05:28:12 GMT
I'd love a Seattle node, but how about one in the Eastern WA area? Perhaps someone in Yakima/Ellensburg or Tri-Cities could offer one. The FM and AM DX is ripe out there!

Message from E_Radiotracker at Thursday, 10-Jan-13 04:42:53 GMT
ah, so a bc898t from uniden probably wouldnt work? damn

yea, a seattle or tacoma area node would be nice.
Message from jetmage123 at Monday, 10-Jun-13 16:35:49 GMT
If i ever get my current setup to work. :) i could share a receiver North of Seattle. but if that doesn't work out i have a friend in Kennewick, Tri-Cites that could maybe share one.
Message from crainbebo at Saturday, 21-Sep-13 03:00:29 GMT
Since you live in Bellingham, that's actually a good distance north of Seattle. Roughly 80 miles. Up there, Seattle FMs are very staticky.

The Kennewick might work really good too. I've never been to the Tri-Cities, but have been to Yakima many times, and those FM locals come in nicely. (94.9, 102.7, 105.3, 106.5, etc)

Message from flight777 at Thursday, 24-Apr-14 07:44:50 GMT
I'm located in the Pacific Northwest. What does it take hardware/software-wise to get a tuner on GT? Are contributions allowed? Thanks ~flight777

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