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Message from Calico at Saturday, 12-Mar-11 14:41:45 GMT
Dear nrd345ng8bcl,

We are shocked by the disaster 日本の地震 in your country!
Maybe Okazaki is far away from Sendai, but we hope that your area is OK!?
Please let us know if we can help your country's effort in any way, please?
Our deepest sympathies and support,
Global Tuners friends

PS. This is for our only radio in Japan:
Message from de9man at Saturday, 12-Mar-11 20:02:53 GMT
Dear nrd345ng8bcl, Hi,

This is realy very good Idea from Calico (vk4fsgw) to ask some one in these days. I appriciate this very much and joining this Talk with deep condulences for your coutrymens. So please tell us kindly about your own health and safty as soon as possible. May God bless on you and your Country and Peoples. Thanx and Good bye with best Regards.

Yours sincerely
Message from iz0mvn at Saturday, 12-Mar-11 21:39:16 GMT
Great disaster for Japan and world. I've not word! Aki.
Message from nrd345ng8bcl at Sunday, 13-Mar-11 10:56:22 GMT
Dear everyone.
Thanks for your message.

I'm alive. There is no damage by earthquake at Okazaki.

My house is not destroyed, not a power failure.
However, Eastern Japan is a power shortage.
For helping energy saving, I am sorry, the receiver might be stopped.

Yours sincerely
Message from Calico at Sunday, 13-Mar-11 21:20:06 GMT
Dear NRD345

It is understandable if radio goes off, NHK TV talks about rolling power cuts to save energy.

Again, if we can help your country's efforts to recover from this jaw-dropping disaster, please let us know!

Message from F1025SWL at Tuesday, 15-Mar-11 20:22:30 GMT
Message from Calico at Tuesday, 15-Mar-11 21:26:29 GMT
That's a great link Mirage, will save it in my favorites!

Here's also a LIVE recording I made of a TSUNAMI warning transmitted on NHK's MW network in Japan on 828 kHz!

Used the Perseus network to access NHK.
Message from Lanta at Thursday, 17-Mar-11 21:10:10 GMT

video stream WMA 120 kb/s

NHK Radio Radio Japan

73 Herman

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