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Message from henk at Friday, 15-Jul-11 14:13:12 GMT
a fire has collapse the radiotower in Smilde several public and commercial tv and radiostations are off the air
Message from RX-Hogger at Saturday, 16-Jul-11 05:00:19 GMT
Here is a link to photo and video reports:

73, AMFMLIST (Björn)

Last edited by AMFMLIST at Saturday, 16-Jul-11 05:00:36 UTC
Message from PaulD at Saturday, 16-Jul-11 16:24:42 GMT
Oh dear, hope no-one was hurt.
Message from gccradioscience at Sunday, 17-Jul-11 02:41:42 GMT
That sounds likes bad. I hope they get back on the air soon. At least that opens up some DX Windows for Sporadic E and Tropo DX.
Message from Ivo at Friday, 22-Jul-11 14:22:02 GMT
No person was hurt. Just one horse got a minor injury on it's leg.

Not only did the tower in Smilde catch fire and collapse. Earlier the same day, the radio transmission tower near Lopik had also been on fire for a short time. It was shut down later that day, and turned back on some time later. The fire at the Lopik tower was presumably caused by overloaded transmission lines.

Temporary transmitters have been installed in a few locations to cover the Smilde region until, presumably, the tower has been rebuilt.

Investigations to the cause of the fire are still in progress. People were working on the Smilte tower at the time it caught fire, but it is still unknown whether this is related.

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