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Message from MyKeH at Friday, 17-Feb-12 15:33:14 GMT
G'day all,

After much usage from my days of Dxtuners and also much thought I have found it in myself to purchase an ICOM PCR-2500 unit to share with you lovely folk.

This unit is located 5kms away from the city of Perth and is now operational for you to all enjoy.

Please be good people and let me know of any frequencies you find by logging them down (date/time/freq stamps are good).

Happy DXing people :)

Mike (

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Message from MyKeH at Monday, 27-Feb-12 14:53:24 GMT
G'day all again,

Well the node has been running well over the past few weeks and I see it has had it's fair share of use already ;)

Unfortunately due to the Antenna it is fairly limited in what it can receive especially any ATC signals as the Airport is quite a distance away from my location.

If anyone has an antenna they could donate to my project it would be much appreciated and cherished to the operation of the node and will expand the frequency range immensely and also listener/DX enjoyment would go up 100 fold heh

Anyway let me know ppl :)

Many thanks and regards,

Mike (
Message from Kai at Sunday, 04-Mar-12 10:38:25 GMT
Hi Mike,

Welcome aboard and thank you for sharing our 3rd receiver in WA!

I've been trying to find time to come on here ealier and congratulate you (for Perth node) and Steve and Grant (for Karratha node).

I hope you're having fun on the network, and fun being a node op! :)

Kai - VK6KSJ
Message from MyKeH at Monday, 05-Mar-12 08:20:17 GMT
Thanks Kai

Been wanting to get a tuner working in Perth for a longtime but didn't have the cash or time to do so

The tuner is working good with the standard antenna but I have been recommended an AP44 antenna but unfortunately being located in the suburbs and the constraints of the apartment block I have to adhere to makes it hard

Other than that still having fun SW DXing on my regular radios over there and also scanning the bands local around the city
Message from RIK at Saturday, 05-May-12 18:55:45 GMT
Slightly confused here?

There was a radio by the name of "Western Australia" in the list a few months back which had quite exceptional HF reception (could pick up the Middle East and Japan with relative ease, for example) but I'm not picking up anything now on this. Is it the same radio or a different one under the same moniker? I thought the 'old' one was in Caratha or Karatha or some place with a similar name? Have you moved location or am I getting confused?

Personally I think the radios should be listed by location, not by general area. If people want to know where exactly they are then they can look up the place name by using a map!
Message from MyKeH at Sunday, 06-May-12 00:43:13 GMT
Hi Rik,

The Karratha node is run by somebody else and is about 1300k's north west of Perth. Unfortunately I don't have a strong enough antenna that will receive anything like that and also due to my location all the QRM destroys any signal received even domestic (it's very hard to even pick up the Perth airport ATIS).

I am on the look about to replace the antenna and have been recommended an AP44 as a good all-rounder

As for the map integration into the system you'll need to talk to one of the site admins to implement it as yes I do get questions like this from time to time but being Australia so big I don't even know where the eastern states nodes are (apart from the city ones)


Message from MyKeH at Thursday, 13-Dec-12 11:54:17 GMT
G'day all

Thought it's time to tell you all that I have recently moved house east of where I was previously living closer to the Perth International Airport (not that close thought :P)

That means that yes you can pickup YPPH frequencies quite clearly and some other frequencies around too (haven't had a chance to play yet). So let me know how you go in tuning and also log your frequencies so I can have a look :)

Also i'm still in the market for a decent antenna as I only have a modified dual whip telescopic antenna sitting on top of the roof (not mounted at all) and also maybe somebody who's got a ladder? :P

Let me know if you can assist me with

Cheers guys and take it easy,

Mike (

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