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Message from gccradioscience at Thursday, 31-Jan-13 05:58:24 GMT
People want to have a radio on a smart phone, but the way it looks it's not possible! Why? Because of the microwave circuitry inside the phone and loads of digital noise. Sounds like the same thing as our laptops and desktops and why they did not include a AM/FM radio built in except for some card, but the card has just FM radio. What we need to do is come up with soft ware defined radio Android apps since Android is open source and a some way to connect our communication receivers via WiFi to use with our smart phones remote control interface to listen to our AM, Long wave, Shortwave and FM stations. Like come up with a Satellit 750 or 850 that is WiFi capable and can be tuned remotely with our smart phones and tablets.
Message from druid at Thursday, 31-Jan-13 10:40:35 GMT
Radio and TV receivers for PCs have been around a long time. Wideband receivers on cards for PCs also. There was never much point in them being fitted as standard as so few people actually use them compared to a separate radio/TV.

Remote control of a radio or PC is easy enough with most mobile platforms now....but again there are relatively few users so why would a phone have the function built in? The economics make no sense when saving a few currency units to maximise profits is so important.

There have been plenty of mods to expand the native coverage of the tuner chip in various droids.

How about things like SDR Touch?
GlobalTuners droid app?
Liveatc app?
Live scanner app?

All are available for droids

I don't do froot so can't comment on what kind of applications people might have written for them.

Most modern smartphones have a good enough web interface to use things like GT, liveatc etc anyway.

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