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Message from bobdavcav at Monday, 30-Mar-15 03:29:54 GMT
As of tonight Puget Sound is operational, but still on a semi-limited basis. Audio is still choppy, not sure why.
Message from bobdavcav at Friday, 27-Apr-18 23:38:30 GMT
Hi everyone,
Well, this node has been operating trouble free for most of the past several months. That was until Monday night, when an unexpected power outage took the computer offline. The outage itself lasted about an hour, and I turned the computer on as soon as the power came back. Based on the time I got the email, thwe computer restarted sometime in the 10:00 hour, and the receiver didn't come back. As I haven't actively paid attention to anything happening here lately, I didn't look into it until just now, when I realized it was still offline. If it's not back up in a few minutes, I'm going to have to do something else.
Message from bobdavcav at Monday, 16-Jul-18 03:30:35 GMT
Hi everyone,
The connection to the antenna on my dongle got broken a few days ago. As a result, you may have noticed significantly degraded reception. I was just made aware of this yesterday afternoon, and haven't taken the time to research how to go about fixing it. The antenna got pulled out of its connector port on the dongle, and won't go back in, thinking part of the connector is still in the dongle itself. If anyone can advise me on how to fix this, that would be highly appreciated. Until I can get this fixed, this receiver will be offline.

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