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Message from bobdavcav at Monday, 13-Apr-15 20:18:30 GMT
That's the frequency my node is on right now and I've been listening to it for the last hour or so. I get the local school district's busses on this frequency as well as Bainbridge Island if conditions are right, and something that sounds like medical disbatch for King County. I also get a set of 3 tones randomly as well as some other noise. Does anyone know what these are? If you would like I can post a link to the recording when it's done.
Message from bobdavcav at Monday, 13-Apr-15 23:04:55 GMT
This isn't the recording I was referring to earlier, but it's in this one too.
Message from WQKZ579 at Thursday, 07-May-15 01:41:40 GMT
What receiver are you picking this up on?
Message from bobdavcav at Thursday, 07-May-15 05:27:33 GMT
Mine, which is Puget Sound SDR.
Message from WQKZ579 at Thursday, 07-May-15 05:47:55 GMT
Oh that's a good one I love that SDR. As for the tones I have no clue, it kinda sounds like some of the roger beeps I hear over at my scanner on MURS and FRS.
Message from edd at Sunday, 20-Dec-15 11:05:57 GMT
SDR are have two problems .They have a lot of imagefrequencies.The interceptionpoint are very low .
So if you have a big station near by ,it makes all other frequencies down.Use a bandpass for your favourite band or look for the amplifiermenu (most sdr have this .Its called like LNA;Mixer;etc..)
What i can hear at your recording is a big pager station on 2:11. It lock also that the bandwith is too high .Use for FM 8 -12 khz.
Message from bobdavcav at Thursday, 14-Jan-16 04:23:44 GMT
Thanks for the bandwidth tip Ed, but how do I find the bandpass filter?

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