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Message from Ivo at Tuesday, 17-Nov-15 23:12:49 GMT
The server is online, but there's no audio yet. You can check here:

Is the audio source connected to the PC & is the PC set up to record from the correct source?
Message from thos1087 at Thursday, 19-Nov-15 01:09:04 GMT
Hi there,

I got things going last night and discovered that the lag between the source audio and the signal on the link is 12 seconds.

This is way too much for our purpose. Is there any way to reduce this???


Message from Ivo at Thursday, 19-Nov-15 11:51:49 GMT
The delay depends on the web technologies available in the browser. We recommend to use the Google Chrome browser for best performance.

Could you forward a TCP port (we usually use 3333) to the radio server PC in your router? This could also help to reduce latency.
Message from thos1087 at Friday, 13-Oct-17 22:28:57 GMT
This setup did not work out for me.

Can I remove it from the list?


Message from Ivo at Monday, 16-Oct-17 19:46:57 GMT
You can disable the software on your computer and the receiver will no longer show online. You can do this by opening the Start menu, then type and open services.msc
Search for URadioServer in the list, double-click, then set Startup type to Manual or Disabled, click the Stop button, click OK.
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