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Message from Kai at Friday, 20-May-16 13:09:00 GMT
After many years I have installed a new server.
I think the sound levels may be a bit high but can't be sure, been playing with them for a bit and it sounds ok, but need your opinions.

Dunno why but the signal meter is not reliable, guess I'll work that out later...

Kai - VK6KSJ
Broome, Western Australia
Message from mrreiff at Saturday, 21-May-16 19:59:08 GMT
Hello Kai!
Your work has been successful! Thanks for the work you did!
ABC Tennant Creek on 2325 kHz and Alice Springs on 4835 kHz are well audible although signals were weak. I also tried 4750 kHz as other DXers reported Bangladesh Betar on an extended schedule - not audible. Radio Australia was audible on 12065 kHz with weak signal. 9580 and 12085 kHz weren't audible.
On frequencies observed in the 31 m band there was background noise when there was no carrier on sounding like noise of unisolated devices or a local power station nearby.

73 and a nice weekend
Message from Kai at Sunday, 22-May-16 13:08:01 GMT
Hi Manfred!
Thanks for your information!
There's a bit of QRM on 31m? ok, thanks, I'll check that out.
Please let me know more reports, I appreciate it!
Message from OE3NKA at Sunday, 15-Jan-17 21:44:36 GMT
after long time offline I opened a new receiver again
It has started today and will get longwire antenna in the next few weeks
Happy globaltuning slowak urban radio

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