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Message from bhx9 at Wednesday, 02-May-18 20:31:52 GMT
BHX radar seems to have changed from 118.050 to 123.980 but nothing heard. Anyone else experienced this?
Message from sejo at Wednesday, 02-May-18 22:02:36 GMT
Message from druid at Thursday, 03-May-18 13:16:16 GMT
Current freqs (which are not due to change with next AIRAC on 24th May)
Approach 118.050 (131.000 as directed by ATC)
Tower 118.300
Ground Delivery 121.925
Ground 121.800
Radar 118.050 (131.325 as directed by ATC)
ATIS 136.025

No mention of channel 123.98
Message from sejo at Thursday, 03-May-18 13:21:12 GMT
The doc above mentions the 8.33kHz change occurring on/from 1st May and does list the new channel of 123.980 for the old 118.050 freq
Message from druid at Thursday, 03-May-18 13:25:15 GMT
The Supplement issued on 12th April does refer to channel 123.98 with a conversion date of 1st May and technically that takes practice I've found quite a few where the changes were made then immediately recinded due to introduced problems with existing nearby frequencies.

All the other Birmingham frequencies remain as they are but with 8.33kHz channel naming to make it all look confusing.
Message from druid at Thursday, 03-May-18 13:26:26 GMT
- sejo - yes, I was typing the rest of my reply but not quickly enough ;-)
Message from sejo at Thursday, 03-May-18 13:32:50 GMT
Yeah, we had the same thing over at Luton freqs from the Bedford node. Seemed to be some days on new channel, then others days back to the old freq. :-)
Message from druid at Friday, 04-May-18 12:26:15 GMT
Just to confirm. Birmingham Radar is definitely using channel 123.98 (freq 123.975) today

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