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Message from startplayer at Saturday, 23-Jun-18 18:26:37 GMT
This may sounds like an odd request but I'm messaging anyone I think might be able to help. I'm trying to use Global Tuners to solve a puzzle but don't know if i'm on the right lines.

I'm involved with the hobby of Geocaching, incase you've not heard of it its a global treasure hunting game using GPS coordinates to find hidden containers. In some cases the hiders construct elaborate puzzles for the solver to crack to reveal where a container is hidden. The puzzle I'm trying to crack has been unsolved for almost 7 years with no one finding it.

The puzzle has a theme of Cold War espionage, I've found various recordings on line of Morse code that I've translated. There are also several recordings which simulate Soviet radio stations and numbers stations. The morse code I've deciphered also refers to broadcasts happening at specific times on specific days. I've also got various frequencies in Kilocycles per second and metre band.

So if possible could you let me know the following?

1) Is it actually possible for an amateur to set up some kind of radio broadcast to run at specific times which would then run indefinitely for the past 7 years like a Numbers Station?

2) The messages I've decoded include the follow 'broadcasts in English this saturday and sunday at 10.30 pm 0.30am GMT on 665 1106 1554 7190 9530 9665 9735 and 9745 kilocycles per second. At 8.30 am GMT the broadcast is also transmitted on 7320 and 9520 kilocycles per second. '

Is that something that even makes sense? I've been looking at the global tuners I'm assuming that 7190 kilocycles would be 7.19 mHz? I'm the confused by all the other buttons on the tuners and if I need to set them?

3) Other information I've got refer to "You can hear our transmission everyday at at 13 hours GMT and the 13, 16, 19 and 25 meter band. " I've also got coordinates for specific locations in Scarborough, UK in another clue? Is is possible that I need to pick up some kind of amateur radio enthusiast signal at those locations at that time?

If anyone can give me any advise and say "yes, this sounds like its possible and an amazing puzzle, let us help get a recording of the message" or "No what your suggesting is impossible" that would be great!
Message from bobdavcav at Monday, 16-Jul-18 03:25:54 GMT
In theory, this is possible with modern technology. In practice though, I'm not exactly sure how someone with a limited budget like myself would be able to do this. Sounds interesting!

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