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Message from ted707 at Sunday, 02-Jan-11 05:03:55 GMT
This is a good one:

very configurable, can remove all kinds of extraneous noise from receive audio. Has notch filters, bandpass, hum, etc.
Message from vk4fsgw at Sunday, 02-Jan-11 06:42:13 GMT
This one I have used many years ago. Not sure if any updates have been made, as I think the programmer has given up the project
Message from Calico at Sunday, 02-Jan-11 20:10:20 GMT
Regarding Ted's DSP program. Configuration Menus are in German. Any way to get them in English ? Tried to use VAC but no audio comes out of the speakers :s
Message from ted707 at Sunday, 02-Jan-11 21:57:49 GMT
Yes. In the BR folder, rename the "engl.~lng~" to "engl.lng". Relaunch.

Even though there is a config tab that shows the sound in and out, I've found, at least with Vista, that it wants to use the default sound settings of the PC anyway, regardless of what the config settings are. It may be that the config only works in XP.
Message from Calico at Monday, 03-Jan-11 14:58:14 GMT
Yep, sorry, should have seen that in the Readme file.

Ran it, cute little utility.

Wouldn't work with Windows XP's default sound settings, but if one changes these defaults, it will work even with Virtual Cables; Works great for example as a notch filter with an SDR-IQ.

For anyone interested in this filter's operation, a short "visual" was uploaded to YouTube at:

However cute though, it still is a bit basic. For some serious DSP at SDR level, I would wholeheartedly recommend considering PowerSDR, with any radio either GlobalTuners Radio, or a portable, Panasonic, Sony, Grundig etc.

Yes, it will take some work to set up, but it's breathtaking. Seeing is believing at:

(Edited by including "visual" YouTube link)

Last edited by Calico at Monday, 03-Jan-11 21:25:37 UTC
Message from ted707 at Thursday, 06-Jan-11 22:37:37 GMT
not sure if this has ever been addressed, but indeed there is a way to actually use the SDR software to tune across several khz with panadapter functionality, and it works with the GT radios such as PCR1000 which can do USB/LSB at the 50khz filter setting and stream the audio to you in HIGH quality. It's the same technique we use to decode DRM with those radios using DReaM. While the AM mode of DReaM supports this use, it is a bit clunky. There are some other free applications which are essentially a light version of what Power SDR does:


To accomplish this, you need to have two sound devices. One must show a "What U Hear" or " Stereo Mix" in your sound console. If you are familiar with tuning DRM on a GT PCR1000 radio, then it is the same principle. You will be using the "High Quality" stream setting for these purposes. In essence you are using the wideband 12khz signal offset ssb audio from GT to emulate the IF or I/Q signal the SDR software looks for.

With any of the above programs, including Power SDR, you will now have a 12 khz or wider panoramic tuning display, where you can select with the cursor bar the signal you wish to hear, and also adjust the bandwidth, giving you the "brick wall" filtering capability, and also taking advantage of the integrated noise limiting functions of any of those programs, just as if you were using a narrow band SDR receiver, and you will be able to decode AM, SSB, CW and with SDRadio, even a ECSS mode.

All this assumes you are familiar with audio routing across your sound cards and using the sound console in Windows, and again, if this is old information, forgive me.

note: VAC will work for the audio patches if you have it.

Last edited by ted707 at Thursday, 06-Jan-11 23:10:42 UTC

Last edited by ted707 at Friday, 07-Jan-11 14:18:24 UTC

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