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Receiver: Aosta
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Oct. 25, 2015 : The Dressler ARA-60 failed and has been disconnected. We are now using a 15 m long wire antenna.

Nov 28, 2011 : The long wire antenna for HF reception has been replaced today with a Dressler ARA-60 active antenna. At first impression, most HF signals seem to be a bit overloaded. We'll be monitoring and re-tune the pre-amplifier or switch back the long wire as needed next time we are in the area, tentatively at the end of December. Stay tuned!


This monitoring station is located south of the Alps, in the NW of Italy on the border with Switzerland and France at 1,800 meters above sea level. At this isolated location we are very much far away any human generated noise, and we expect a very quite, low noise environment (except for some quite necessary computer generated noise :-( )
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