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Receiver: London West
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Receiver image
PLEASE NOTE: If this receiver is set to 120.4MHz then you are free to tune. There is an alternative node "West London" set to a fixed frequency of 120.4MHz which has been set up to give others the chance to tune here. Thanks!


ASK FIRST if you wish to retune. If you do not receive a denial from existing listeners then after 2 mins you can retune. The person retuning then has control of the receiver until he/she leaves or someone else asks for permission to retune as per the above, but please don't hog it for excessively long periods of time - give others the chance to tune. If this receiver has not received any transmission for five minutes or more, please inform existing listeners that you intend to retune, and provided there are no objections then you may take control.

Please note that any abusive language towards other listeners will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate and total ban. Please report any such behaviour to me via the support page and I will check the logs and act accordingly.
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