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Receiver: New York FM-HD-SONY DX # 1
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Receiver image
Welcome to my Sony XDR-F1 HD Radio Receiver

To all users: This IS a SHARED receiver! Be courteous and observe the 2 minute rule. Failure to do so will result in a block to your (free!) your access!

Update 10/16/16 Setup all nodes with new Labtop.
Adding HD 2 & 3 again almost complete.

All HD complete now

Update 6/5/16 Added HD Stations for 89.1 FM, 89.9 FM 103.5 FM 105.1 FM and 105.9 FM

Update 3/1/16- Added DX AM Radio Bandguide

Radio Disney Now 92.3 HD 3

HD Stations: Tune to Frequency then HD Filter. For FM you can get up to 3 digital channel per station. For MW Iboc station you can get "FM quality sound" like DRM.

Use the "Modern" interface and 100KHz or 200KHz tuning steps. Better yet use direct-access. If stepping, move up or down one step at a time, wait for audio, then step again. Tuning around HD stations gets wonky if XDR can't get an HD lock. If you get lost just direct-tune to a nearby analog station to "recalibrate" and go from there.

Use the Unreal Player below to listen to better audio with slight radio delay. Be sure to stop the default audio first by pressing # at Audio Player.
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