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Receiver: Odenwald
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  • Operator: dk2no
  • Location: Boellstein JN49LR, Hessen, Germany
  • Receiver: Audio only
  • Antenna: short active dipol for LW/MW/SW, and broadband Discone above 50 MHz
  • Time zone: GMT+1
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This receiver will not be up 24/7/365.
Please note: Owner will change frequencies or mode without notice!
Strong interference from nearby transmitters at VHF and UHF will be possible,interference by SPS in the LW/MW/SW-Bands will be a little lower after maintenance in the surrounding location
Antenna setup via combiner
- a short active dipole for LW/MW/SW, and
- a Discone for above 50 MHz vertical polarisation.
Setup will change without any notice!
For further informations see on
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