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Receiver: Indianapolis, IN - HF DX
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This receiver is located in Noblesville, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis. It is primarily useful in the shortwave bands. The antenna is a 20M delta loop, which feeds a 2-30 MHz bandpass filter (necessary to avoid overload from nearby high power AM and FM stations), and a Clifton Labs Norton preamplifier. Locator EN60xa.

Please note that many listeners like to monitor Military ATC on 11.175 MHz, so I have installed a special dedicated receiver for this frequency which can be accessed at

We also decode JT65 frequencies at this location, simultaneously logging 7.039, 7.076, 10.138 and 14.076 MHz. You can see the text file logs, automatically updated every 5 minutes, at

Note that this receiver is located at an active Amateur Radio station, which operates in WSPR mode on bands from 160M to 6M continuously with a 20% transmit duty cycle. Although the receive antenna is isolated from the WSPR antenna and the WSPR transmitter is only 1 watt, depending on the frequencies of the GlobalTuners receiver, and the WSPR transmitter, you may hear interference which will last about 2 minutes. For more information on WSPR:

Lastly, please be courteous to other users. If you are listening to a long broadcast, or a busy channel for a long time, no problem. However, if someone else logs on and wants to use the radio, please let them. We do review the logs, and if someone is abusing, they will be kicked off and banned.
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