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Receiver: Southwest Idaho USA
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Receiver image
NOTE: Setting 0% RF Gain helps with some narrow FM stations. Setting 10% to 30% RF Gain helps a lot with FM broadcast stations. Don't forget that this receiver has STEREO mode!

It's an RTL2832U with a R820T2 receiver.

This receiver will tune between 52 - 1766 MHz. Tuning below 52 mHz is disabled because this receiver will not tune below that frequency. The cell phone frequencies of 824-849 MHz and 869-894 MHz are disabled.

Check out the "Receiver Band guides" for lists of local frequencies.

Also, check the following links for local frequencies: (possibly outdated)

The Boise airport:,-116.22/8

Boise airport flight info:

Receiver location:
Degrees Lat Long 43.6189040°, -116.2143064°
Degrees Minutes 43°37.13424', -116°12.85838'
Degrees Minutes Seconds 43°37'08.0543", -116°12'51.5029"

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