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Receiver: New South Wales, Sydney. Raspberry Pi 3.
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Receiver image
Welcome to Sydney

See ships on my AIS RX


Wellbrook loop

Switched as a transceiver receive antenna with a

The loop has a preamp so pressing the 'ATT' attenuator button may be necessary to prevent cross talk and over load.

This site is used for transmitting, so if you are getting interference, please come back later.

CW practice beacon 3.699 CW
Music 1.17 AM
ABC local 0.702 AM
ABC national 0.576 AM
ABC news 0.630 AM (BBC feed local night)
ABC shortwave from Alice Springs 4.835 AM (local night)
Sydney airport weather 118.55 AM
CB repeaters 476.475 and 476.575 NFM
CB chat 27.355 LSB, 27.085 AM
Sydney DGPS 0.308 CW
Radio Australia

Local ham club

Paths open

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