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Receiver: z 2013 No longer available
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Receiver image
  • Operator: W1WV
  • Location: , , United States of America
  • Receiver: Icom IC-R75
  • Antenna: 160 meter horizontal loop, HF vertical, Inverted L (subject to change w/o notice)
  • Time zone: -5
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Note: For Low Latency Streaming; Download latest version of Streaming Media Player Plug In -

Receiver Details:

RX located in Delanson, New York, USA approximately 20 miles (32 km) west of Albany, New York. QTH is situated in a RF quiet area. ASL elevation approximately 1100 feet (335 meters) on a hilltop.

Receiver: Icom IC-R75 (30 KHz–60 MHz). Please ensure the receiver AGC is set to ON and only use squelch feature for FM mode.

Antennas: 160 mtr 1/4 wave Inverted-L (~300 deg. heading); 160 mtr fullwave horizontal loop or 80 mtr top loaded 51 foot ground vertical over 75 radials. Antenna selection TBD by the site op W1WV.

Enjoy the rx site and please follow ALL rules and log stations as appropriate!

During periods of lightning activity, thunderstorms, etc. the receiver shall be taken offline.

Denis, W1WV.
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