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Receiver: z 2014 No longer available
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***IF THE RADIO DOESN'T SEEM TO GIVE YOU GOOD AUDIO, PLEASE TRY CLICKING "AGC" ONCE OR TWICE - THE JAVA INTERFACE DOESN'T ALWAYS SHOW THE ACTUAL AGC SETTING!!!*** Welcome to the Pennsylvania DX node. Antenna is an external 16' x 36' corner-fed loop pointed @ 30 degrees, except in thunderstorm season, when it will be connected to an attic-mounted long wire (if the signal seems reduced, that's likely why).

Instructions: for Icom R-75 radio "narrow" bandwidth use 3 kHz setting; for "wide" bandwidth please use the 15 kHz setting. This receiver is in North America, so 10 kHz spacing is used for medium wave band (530-1700 kHz) Enjoy!

Brett N3EVB
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