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Unreal Media setup and options

The GlobalTuners website supports use of the Unreal Media Player to provide low-latency audio streams in addition to the normal MP3 streams.

The Unreal Media Server software is only available for Windows operating systems. The player can be configured in two different ways, one of which will only work with Windows systems, the other requires the Adobe Flash player to be installed on the listener's computer/device.

A guide on setting up the Unreal Media Server for your receiver is available here:

Configuration for Unreal Media Player Plugin (Windows computers only)

This method requires the listener to install the Unreal Media Player browser plugin (from and will only work on Windows computers.

On the Receiver / "Edit location" page, set the "UnrealMedia alias" to the "Live broadcast Alias" as configured in the Unreal Media Server software. This method requires that your node is set to "Direct connection" (node info page / "Edit & configuration") and correct port forward forwarding in your NAT router/firewall.

If you have a static IP address or use a stream distribution server hosted on another IP address or domain name, you can specify the "UnrealMedia alias" as "ipaddress//alias" eg. "".

Configuration for Flash player

This method requires the listener to have the Adobe Flash player installed and will work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems. The player is nicely integrated with the GlobalTuners receiver interface, slowing as just another audio stream in the stream selection list.

To use this method, you need to set up the Unreal Media Server to allow RTMP streaming (which is not yet documented for GT). The "UnrealMedia alias" can be set as "rtmp://:port/alias" if you have a dynamic IP address, or "rtmp://ipaddress:port/alias" if you have a static IP address or use an external distribution server.

Stream player behaviour

The Unreal Media Stream will only be presented to the user if the required plugin is available on the user's system. The "Unreal Media Player plugin" method will disable automatic starting of the GlobalTuners built-in audio feed, as the Unreal Media stream will always start playing automatically. The "Flash player" method will be controlled from the GlobalTuners receiver interface, and will automatically start instead of the default medium quality stream, of the user has enabled audio auto start in their profile.

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