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How to set up your bandguides

Bandguides can now be managed from the website. To do so, you have to open your receiver's Info page, eg Receiver: Breda for Breda. In the Administration panel, you will find a link titled Bandguides.

On this page you will find a list of existing bandguides. By default, there are two of them: the Receiver information and the User loggings. The Receiver information is not intended to be a bandguide, but it can be used as such. It's the text that will appear in the bandguide area as the receiver is loaded and no bandguide is selected.

In the User loggings, every user can add an entry by simply clicking a button on the receiver interface.

In general you will want to add more, custom, frequency lists. You need to think of a short name that describes the stations or band in the list, eg "Broadcast stations", "Aviation" or "FMDX".

After you have created a new bandguide (or clicked to edit an existing one), you will see a text box. This text box will contain the bandguide entries, one per line. The format is as follows:

0.162 AM 6k Radio France International
  • FREQUENCY should be in MHz
  • MODE is one of AM, NFM, WFM, CW, USB, LSB or other options written exactly as shown in the receiver interface.
  • FILTER is one of 3k, 6k, 15k, 50k, 230k or other options specified exactly as shown in the receiver interface.
  • DESCRIPTION is a free format text describing the station or frequency and may contain spaces

It is possible to separate parts of the bandguide by putting in a number of dashes: ------------------------------; it is also possible to add lines of text to the bandguides: just make sure that these lines do not start with a number!

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