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Message from Kai at Monday, 10-Oct-11 01:53:43 GMT
I am a radio amateur but I'm moving in a few days and I don't get back for at least six months. I don't have time to check it out, my soldering gear is packed.

In case you're not aware of WA's geography, I'm 2,000k's from Perth and about the same from Darwin so, either way, if the uni's in one of those places I'd still need to send the radio away for a few weeks...
Message from mrhoover at Monday, 10-Oct-11 07:23:29 GMT
Well I'm sure AceB was only being helpful and learnt some geography when he went to school and took into consideration that there's a postal service between Broome and Perth to span the 2,000KM to transport the receiver.

If it's down for a few weeks well it's saving a lot of money,
There's no guarantee if you put a new receiver in there that it doesn't get zapped by lightning fairly quickly which wouldn't be covered by the warranty.
Message from Kai at Monday, 10-Oct-11 07:34:30 GMT
Hehe, yes, there is a postal service between Broome and Perth but it takes forever and but AceB's location is listed as the UK, that was the reason I mentioned the distance so he's aware it's not so simple as just walking to the local uni :)

I saw an FT-847D advertised in a mailing list but they wanted $780 AUD for it, that's practically new price...
Message from AceB at Tuesday, 11-Oct-11 14:51:50 GMT
I am aware of WAs geography as I've worked in Perth and Freemantle a couple of times but I was assuming you had a postal or courier service that covers even the western bits of Australia, I didn't expect you to hand deliver it ;)
Message from radioresearch at Wednesday, 19-Oct-11 23:06:56 GMT

Have we reache3d a consensus on what the plan is to replace/repair this radio? I am still willing to contribute, since it is in a critical area for me.

73 and best regards,
Message from azhad at Tuesday, 08-Nov-11 21:54:34 GMT
This is one radio which I'm interested in - one of the few bordering the Indian Ocean. So I'd like to know what's happening. Please update.
Message from N2GEW at Thursday, 10-Nov-11 23:28:54 GMT
Yes, please suggest a $$ for contributing based upon what interest has been expressed. I am willing to contribute
Message from RX-Hogger at Saturday, 28-Mar-15 22:42:16 GMT
Kai, a low cost RTLSDR for VHF/UHF or a mid priced FUNcube SDR usable on lower HF bands probably could replace your broken ICOM PCR. Additional low cost converters and amplifiers enable the RTLSDR to receiver lower HF bands as well as MW. All in all, a recent order for a brand new quartz optimized RTLSDR plus additions only costed around 45 €. RTLSDR (even better FUNcube) VHF performance is often quite good in particular situations, even better than the ICOM PCRs perform when it comes down to selectivity and sensitivty.
Message from spy123 at Saturday, 28-Oct-17 11:16:23 GMT
Message from MyKeH at Monday, 02-Jul-18 09:14:03 GMT
Mate I think you messaged me awhile back something about a replacement radio or where I got my unit. I got mine at Allcom in Belmont. Long time ago now but it's done me quite well too so far. I just moved also back home to Perth about 6 months ago which is why the PH radio is gone. I'm gonna kick it off down here in Perth again as soon as I get some time to.

Take care mate


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