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Message from bigjoe at Thursday, 16-Oct-14 01:26:47 GMT
Hi Paul-VJB:
You wrote your last sentence (A user-based set of presets might be rather complicated since you'd have to store their preferences alongside the node's profile). This shouldn't be difficult-a .txt file mandatory called GTPRESETS which you would store on a personal flash drive with listings looking like this...
GET IT? preset number, frequency, mode, filter setting, squelch setting, name(lable)

This file would have to be open and on your taskbar on the bottom to function and this file could be interchangeable and editable. You would be able to store multiple GT radios and GT'S computer would look for this opened file. Info in quotation marks on each preset would show on the corresponding preset button.

Here's how it would work...
1- access desired radio
2- have GTPRESETS.TXT open
3- on the desired radio you would click on the UPLOAD PRESETS button.
4- once you see your preset buttons lables populate- this is how you'll know you're ready to go.

Thanks for all your time and GT'S considerations.
Joseph Dunn

Message from Evkaz1 at Sunday, 26-Oct-14 15:23:14 GMT
What a nonsense! Return the back view of the receiver, as it was earlier. Or make a choice, what would everyone can decide for themselves, as it is convenient.
Now I use a resource globaltuners.kom no longer use.
Message from RRicci at Monday, 03-Nov-14 14:18:55 GMT
Last night was the 1st time I've seen the new interface. I like it. Having all options to the left makes it easy to navigate. That empty square in the ole interface was grating.
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