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Message from LasVegasRadio at Wednesday, 18-Oct-17 15:50:10 GMT

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Message from klepko at Saturday, 28-Oct-17 08:12:50 GMT
Congrats with a purchase! More light and comfortable days inside and outside of new hoouse!
Message from WQKZ579 at Thursday, 09-Nov-17 11:35:46 GMT
Oh nice. I was wondering what happened to tht las vegas site. I used to listen on it all the time in 2015 and than it vanished and I haven't seen it since.
Message from WQKZ579 at Thursday, 09-Nov-17 22:43:04 GMT
Oh hey you're NO7BS now.
Message from LasVegasRadio at Wednesday, 24-Jan-18 18:44:00 GMT
Ian got in touch with me today, didn't know RedFlag is this week. Will cobble something together today. Watch for it to reappear...

Message from scouseian at Wednesday, 24-Jan-18 19:48:22 GMT
Top bloke Mr Kirk. Glad I kept your email address lol
Message from LasVegasRadio at Saturday, 27-Jan-18 04:56:23 GMT
It's up.....has a wideband dipole on it

Message from LasVegasRadio at Monday, 29-Jan-18 19:57:12 GMT

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