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Message from Lanta at Saturday, 02-Dec-17 21:32:11 GMT
Radio Caroline is on air with 1 kw of power on 648 khz and the use the old standby mast at Orfordness (BBC World Service transmitter site) and the signal is really strong in Belgium and The Netherlands and some other country's like Denmark.

The run a Non Stop Pop and Rock Music 24 h a day. Only when its dark the is QRM from Slovenia with 10 kw and that is a bit nasty here. In the day time I have Caroline 648 S9+20 db with a 110 m long wire 5 m high and to the N.W and the receiver is a Icom IC R 8500.

And on the first bedroom floor at the back of the house that is more to the West = UK for me. A Panasonic Portable SW with new a brand new AM Loop Antenna a Tecsun AN-200 Loopantenne and it dos work great.

The signal in the day is much stronger than with out the loop but at night I suffer with QRM (see Slovenia)and QSB but some times the signal is good even at night.

My QTH is about 160 km from Orfordness in A to B line.

73 Herman
Message from zacabulu at Sunday, 03-Dec-17 09:25:08 GMT
I heard it this morning around 0800 from the Eyemouth, Scotland ICOM unit (which mysteriously seems to have fallen off the receiver list). Anyways it's there and really drifty and fighting with another station (Slovenia?) a little bit. Playing mostly 80s hits.

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Message from Lanta at Sunday, 03-Dec-17 17:13:53 GMT
Thanks and yes Slovenia is the pain in the ***** but in the day time we have a good signal in Gent , Belgium my QTH.

PS zacabulu wow you are born in 1857 that is very old haha


Last edited by Lanta at Sunday, 03-Dec-17 17:16:16 UTC

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