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Message from WQKZ579 at Tuesday, 02-Jan-18 08:32:51 GMT
A lot of good Communications receivers on here. Icom PCR1500s, 2000s, 2500s, even some really nice R8500s and a couple R9000s.

I like to imagine Global Tuners as a super extensive worldwide network of Remote Monitoring Stations like the FCC used to have back its heyday. Anytime time of day no matter the conditions I can listen in on any shortwave transmission from nearly anywhere in the world. Sure the antenna farms at each site aren't as gigantic as the original FCC sites but the reception is still pretty superb and the sites more plentiful and dispersed well.

Just wanted to share a fun way to think about it, it pretty much is after all except free for anyone to use. Normally you would have to pay millions. The magic of crowd sourcing.

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