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Message from druid at Monday, 04-Jun-18 14:27:53 GMT
In much the same way as aircraft locations can be viwed online there are several websites which show marine traffic.
Message from sejo at Thursday, 07-Jun-18 10:05:38 GMT
Not ever tried before, but out of interest is there much to listen to on the voice comms side of things? I seem to recall from the distant past on some scanners I had way back when, they had a "marine band". Have we got any suitably located tuners here I wonder?
Message from druid at Saturday, 16-Jun-18 15:18:05 GMT
Teesside, East Yorkshire and Eyemouth (when it's on) are the best of the UK ones for marine traffic currently. Folkstone area should be coming back online soon and that was excellent for marine.
Deep sea trawlers use HF still as well (except South American fisherman who abuse the US SATCOM system).
Message from druid at Monday, 18-Jun-18 08:39:06 GMT
You can also add Northumberland HF-VHF-UHF to the list again now ;-)

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