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Message from druid at Friday, 07-Dec-18 10:29:58 GMT
User 'Clarky' has kindly made a receiver available in Farnborough. Initially using an internal antenna whilst setting up with plans to improve the system within the next few days.
Message from beager at Sunday, 16-Dec-18 10:24:18 GMT
Very good indeed, and a nice change to the normal airband receivers
Message from Clarky at Saturday, 22-Dec-18 11:49:37 GMT
Thanks Beager! I'm hoping to improve reception with a number of upgrades in the future. Any tips or hints are very much appreciated!
Message from beager at Saturday, 22-Dec-18 14:45:30 GMT
I have 3 outside aerials.
A tuned airband stick on roof apex.
Diamond D777 on a portable extendable pole 8m
A royal discone.
I would say overall, the discone is the better overall, although the D777 is slightly better on some frequencies.
Could be location might be a factor too.
Have tried airband boosters, and would rate them expensive, and not much use.
Far better performing for a fraction of the cost, and you can use 4 scanners from 1 aerial with no loss is the Optima da4 12 booster.
Adjustable too.
£21.54 from cpc farnell.
Don't get the one with ir return, more expensive and the ir is for Sky magic eye.
All you need then are 5 f type to bnc adapters, cheap on ebay, and bnc patch leads.

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