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Message from norave at Sunday, 20-Sep-09 20:14:09 GMT
Thanks to CX3ABD we're now able to offer a new node in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Check out Miguels node at

Thank you, Miguel, for sharing your equipment!

Sven DK1NY
Message from cx3abd at Sunday, 20-Sep-09 21:20:10 GMT
At the orders, Sven...
At this time, i´m formatting and installing the system operative (Win XP), in this PC.
Why...? Because after installed the software, the receiver has turned offline, online, offline, online indefinelly...
I hope that this change make a solution...

Regards and 73´s...
Message from Calico at Monday, 21-Sep-09 11:20:38 GMT
Hi Miguel,

This on-off-on-off sounds similar to what some users get when they connect a Serial Port radio to a USB PC port via an adaptor.

Is this the way you connect your PCR-1000 to your computer?

If yes, it may be helpful to just get a better adaptor.

Welcome to Global Tuners and 73

Calico (Dorset Radio)
Message from cx3abd at Monday, 21-Sep-09 15:35:01 GMT
Hello Calico, thanks for write...

The PCR-1000, it´s connected directly to the COM 1 in the motherboard, (without any adaptor, just with the original rs-232 cable).
The white noise in the machine is on off on off else, like on globaltuners..., this say me, there is not problem of bandwith or connection.
When can´t hear the white noise for a time, i restart the server software and after that, the node it´s online again.

Any clue, any help?

The PC is...:

Motherboard: AOpen AK77 8X max
Processor: AMD XP 2600
Memory: 1 GB ram ddr
HDD: 20 Gb IDE
SO: Windows XP, sp2
Net Framework 3.5
DirectX 9.5c
Message from Calico at Monday, 21-Sep-09 18:28:17 GMT
Hi Miguel,

Is this happening only with this computer? Have you tried using another PC to see if it's the same problem? And is the serial cable 100 % reliable?

If the problem is coming and going, have you checked if some other program is running and using up resources, for example by checking your Task Manager, second Tab Processes, CPU.

I visited your radio, the audio would come on-and-off so I sent an extract of your log to our site manager (Ivo)to have a look.


Message from cx3abd at Monday, 21-Sep-09 19:48:39 GMT
Hi again...

I tried only whit this PC, but this night i try to install the soft in another PC.
The SO is very clean, no programs running, only the antivirus.
The task manager indicates 140 mb ram in use and the processor at the 2%.

Is very rare, without connection, i can hear the white noise turning on off on off, that indicate that the problem is in the soft or in the PC.

I hope resolve this quickly, regards from Uruguay.
Message from Calico at Monday, 28-Sep-09 12:49:43 GMT
Hi Miguel,

Don't know what the results of your tests were.

In the meantime our site manager, Ivo, looked into the problem and here is what he suggests,

" seems to be a serial port 'Framing error'. Most likely cause is noise on the serial line....maybe ask him to check/replace his serial cable or try the other COM port on the computer"

I wil also send you this info by email.

Kudos go to Ivo for smoking out the root problem

Good luck,
Tim (Dorset Radio)
Message from cx3abd at Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 02:50:06 GMT
Hello everybody, Montevideo - Uruguay is back online...!!!
Enjoy and share the tuner...!!!

Message from dlynne at Thursday, 16-Aug-12 03:41:29 GMT
Hi. Currently as at 0340 UTC on 16 August 2012 there is no audio coming from the Urugay receiver.
Message from cx3abd at Friday, 17-Aug-12 19:06:18 GMT
Right, for some reason, the audio plug from the PCR-1000 to the computer was unsolded.
Now the audio is back!!!
Sorry for that and enjoy...

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