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Message from henk at Saturday, 22-May-10 09:08:31 GMT
Today 22 may i work on my antennas the rfsystems dx-7 replace for an rfsystems dx one mk2 it is possible that you receive notting on hf vhf and uhf stay on but reception is lower
greetings Henk Dokkum dx
Message from RickW at Saturday, 22-May-10 12:43:10 GMT
Vero Beach node is back with a limited antenna for now. Hope to have the Stepp IR verticle hooked up this weekend.

Enjoy and 73's

Rick W
site op Vero Beach, FL
Message from henk at Saturday, 22-May-10 15:27:43 GMT
Message from henk at Saturday, 22-May-10 15:28:58 GMT
the new antenna Rf Systems DX ONE is now in use
try it out!!

Message from DD5CF at Saturday, 22-May-10 16:26:44 GMT
Hi, I want to connect my FRG-8800 to a computer to use with Global Tuners, I would be grateful for any help and advice. Thanks, Colin
Message from PD0POM at Tuesday, 25-May-10 20:13:48 GMT
Much better Henk !
Keep up the good work..

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