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Message from yulxxx at Tuesday, 12-Oct-10 11:39:47 GMT
Hi all:

I am new here on this site. Actually I am planning a tryp from Tenerife (canary islands) back to Malaga (south Spain), sailing via Salvagem islands an Madeira. I have to recognize I´m newbie user of HF and at the present actives stations serving Weatherfax covering that area are unknown to me. Somebody can advice on Weather fax Stations covering that area ???.

On the other hand... at home I have no HF... do you know if I can use this site to test Jvcomm (Weatherfax software to decode weatherfax signals. ??

Thanks for your help !!
Message from Calico at Tuesday, 12-Oct-10 22:37:49 GMT
Hi and welcome to the site,

Although the site is not intended for any professional/safety purposes - just for hobby purposes- you can certainly receive various maritime transmissions, including WX, Navtex/Sitor, SSB Weather, even GMDSS and DSC.

For safety purposes and in all honesty though, because web-sites do some times crash, please don't rely on receiving safety transmissions while at sea via this source (Globaltuners) only. For example, do you reckon you will have steady Internet speed/connection to secure connection to globaltuners while sailing ? Or is it just for practising purposes and you've got the radio gear onboard?

Having said that, it would be interesting to try various Globaltuners radios with JVComm, before you sail to Malaga, and see which ones work the best for your needs and what times. Several other programs work fine with Weather Fax and audio fed via a GlobalTuners radio, but haven't tried JVComm myself. Have you bought the key, or are you still on the demo? There should be a JVCom menu from where the audio source / input is chosen, and the help file of the program should offer guidelines about how to get the program to be fed the audio from your soundcard, which also is used for hearing some Global Tuners receiver, or your own onboard equipment.

Don't know which station / satellite you intend to use for your weahterfax needs. Hamburg Radio usually has a great signal on Shortwaves for weatherfax e.g. at 04.30, 10.50, 16.00 and 22.00 UTC for Surface weather chart North Atlantic, Europe, which should cover Malaga at least.

DDH3 3855 kHz (10kW)
DDK3 7880 kHz (20kW)
DDK6 13882.5 kHz (20kW)
(Black -425 Hz and White + 425 Hz ,though JVComm will take care of this)

Other users here too are interested in Marine Radio, so keep us posted!
Bon voyage,

Global Tuners Support

Last edited by Calico at Wednesday, 13-Oct-10 22:10:15 UTC
Message from Calico at Wednesday, 13-Oct-10 01:42:13 GMT
Regarding tuning procedure for receiving WeatherFax, the following tips may be of help.
Let's take Hamburg Radio's DDK3.
The station transmits Meteo over HF on nominal f= 7880 kHz.
Use USB, filter setting 3 kHz.
Tune your radio to a Fax signal, in the Upper Side Band (USB), at a frequency 1.9 KHz lower than what is given in your frequencies list.
Hence for DDK3--> 7880-1.9 = 7878.1 kHz.
Have used Global Tuners and software for decoding, MultiPSK and worked fine.
The Fax signal sounds like a series of repeated whistly-tones with a period of about 2Hz (2 per sec).
You can then click on Print and get a hard copy too.
Greetings and good luck,
GT support
Message from PaulD at Wednesday, 13-Oct-10 11:55:34 GMT
Foward to what Tim has said, I have had very good images from my receiver (Cumbria DX) on 4.608 USB 3k. from Northwood UK, Is best on 3k, gives better quality images. I can also get Germany as well, Both listed in my bandguide under HF Weather (I think). Good Luck.

Paul D
Message from yulxxx at Wednesday, 13-Oct-10 19:29:51 GMT
Here are a few collected from a friend...

RN Northwood - GYA England

2618.5 (2616.6) kHz*
4610 (4608.1) kHz
8040 (8038.1) kHz
11086.5 (11084.6) kHz
18261 (18259.1) kHz*

Offenbach - DDH Germany

3855 (3853.1) kHz
7880 (7878.1) kHz
13882.5 (13880.6) kHz

Halifax – CFH Canada
4271 (4269.1) kHz
6496.4 (6494.5) kHz
10536 (10534.1) kHz
13510 (13508.1) kHz

US Coastguard - NMF Boston
4235 (4233.1) kHz*
6340.5 (6338.6) kHz
9110 kHz (9108.1) kHz
12750 (12748.1) kHz

* NOT 24 hour operation. Figures in brackets are the frequencies to set your dial to.
Message from yulxxx at Wednesday, 13-Oct-10 19:45:48 GMT
Copied from Mr EA4DAT

(All active Stations FAX)

02054.0 - NOJ - USCG Kodiak, AK
03585.0 - HLL2 - Seoul Meteo, Korea
03622.5 - JMH - Kagoshima,, Japan
03855.0 - DDH3 - Hamburg Meteo, Germany
04228.0 - CBV - Valparaiso Radio Chile
04235.0 - NIK - USCG Boston/ IIP USA
04235.0 - NMF - USCG Boston USA
04271.0 - CFH - CF Halifax, Halifax, Canada
04298.0 - NOJ - USCG Kodiak, AK (AK)
04316.0 - ??? - Kyodo News, Japan or Singapore
04317.9 - NMG - USCG New Orleans, LA
04346.0 - NMC - USCG Pt. Reyes, CA
04610.0 - GYA - UK Royal Navy UK
04616.0 - BMF - Taipei Meteo, Taiwan (ROC)
05100.0 - VMC - Charleville Australia
05755.0 - VMW - Wiluna Australia
05857.5 - HLL2 - Seoul Meteo, Korea
06340.5 - NIK - USCG Boston/ IIP USA
06340.5 - NMF - USCG Boston USA
06414.5 - JFW - Fukushima Fishery, Japan
06496.4 - CFH - CF Halifax, Halifax, Canada
06834.0 - GYA - UK Royal Navy UK
07433.5 - HLL2 - Seoul Meteo, Korea
07535.0 - VMW - Wiluna Australia
07795.0 - JMH2 - Kagoshima,, Japan
07880.0 - DDK3 - Hamburg Meteo, Germany
08040.0 - GYA - UK Royal Navy UK
08140.0 - BMF - Taipei Meteo, Taiwan (ROC)
08459.0 - NOJ - USCG Kodiak, AK (AK)
08467.5 - ??? - Kyodo News, Japan or Singapore
08503.9 - NMG - USCG New Orleans, LA
08658.0 - JFC - Misaki Fishery, Japan
08658.0 - JFW - Fukushima Fishery, Japan
08658.0 - JFX - Kagoshima Fishery, Japan
08677.0 - CBV - Valparaiso Radio Chile
08682.0 - NMC - USCG Pt. Reyes, CA
09110.0 - NIK - USCG Boston/ IIP USA
09110.0 - NMF - USCG Boston USA
09165.0 - HLL2 - Seoul Meteo, Korea
09982.5 - KVM70 - Honolulu Meteo, Hawaii
10536.0 - CFH - CF Halifax, Halifax, Canada
10555.0 - VMW - Wiluna Australia
11030.0 - VMC - Charleville Australia
11086.5 - GYA - UK Royal Navy UK
11090.0 - KVM70 - Honolulu Meteo, Hawaii
12390.0 - GYA - UK Royal Navy UK
12412.5 - NOJ - USCG Kodiak, AK (AK)
12745.5 - ??? - Kyodo News, Japan or Singapore
12750.0 - NIK - USCG Boston/ IIP USA
12750.0 - NMF - USCG Boston USA
12786.0 - NMC - USCG Pt. Reyes, CA
12789.9 - NMG - USCG New Orleans, LA
13510.0 - CFH - CF Halifax, Halifax, Canada
13570.0 - HLL2 - Seoul Meteo, Korea
13882.5 - DDK6 - Hamburg Meteo, Germany
13900.0 - BMF - Taipei Meteo, Taiwan (ROC)
13920.0 - VMC - Charleville Australia
13988.5 - JMH4 - Kagoshima,, Japan
15615.0 - VMW - Wiluna Australia
16035.0 - 9VF- Kyodo News, Singapore
16135.0 - KVM70 - Honolulu Meteo, Hawaii
16907.5 - JFC - Misaki Fishery, Japan
16907.5 - JFW - Fukushima Fishery, Japan
16971.0 - JSC - Kyodo News,, Japan (special Pacific beam)
17069.6 - ??? - Kyodo News, Japan or Singapore
17146.3 - NMG - USCG New Orleans, LA
17146.4 - CBV - Valparaiso Radio Chile
17151.2 - NMC - USCG Pt. Reyes, CA
17430.0 - 9VF- Kyodo News, Singapore
18060.0 - VMW - Wiluna Australia
18261.0 - GYA - UK Royal Navy UK
18560.0 - BMF - Taipei Meteo, Taiwan (ROC)
20469.0 - VMC - Charleville Australia
22527.0 - NMC - USCG Pt. Reyes, CA
22542.0 - ??? - Kyodo News, Japan or Singapore
22559.6 - JFC - Misaki Fishery, Japan
22559.6 - JFW - Fukushima Fishery, Japan
Message from Calico at Thursday, 14-Oct-10 03:25:35 GMT
Maybe it would help to focus only on navarea II which includes the Canaries, Madeira Archipelago, and Malaga. Isn't that the route you will follow?

Monsanto radio gives good info on this route and Teneriffe gives on channel 74 weather bulletins every 4 hours.
Bon Voyage

GT support
Message from yulxxx at Thursday, 14-Oct-10 10:50:45 GMT
Hi Calico:

Yes ofcourse ... Have you got Monsanto Freq. and broadcast schedules ??

Thanks !!
Message from Calico at Thursday, 14-Oct-10 18:57:39 GMT
Hi there,

For Monsanto I have 2657 kHz, though being in the IF range, don't know if they will be very strong here, perhaps try any receivers towards Spain? For days their range (and other stations at such wavelengths) is about 150 nm and nights about 1000 nm. They should also do SITOR on 518 k/c.

I have the ITU tables, but they are outdated, (2004 edition), so when I find current scheds, I'll pass them to you. Their Sitor is routine though, they all take turns when they go on air. Would look into it now, but I am off to work..

By the way, I tried JVComm on RTTY, it syncs nicely,for example on DDK 2 on 4581.64, here's a sample of their METEO content RX-ed at 18.30 UTC:

LA PALMA-N (29.0N 18.0W) SST: 24 C
FR 15. 12Z: SW-W 4 1.5 M //
SA 16. 00Z: W-NW 3 1.5 M //
SA 16. 12Z: W-NW 2-3 1.5 M //
SU 17. 00Z: NW 2-3 1.5 M //
SU 1 12Z: NW 0-2 1 M //
MO 18. 00Z: N-NE 2-3 1.5 M //
MO 18. 12Z: NE 2-3 ) 1 M //
TU 19. 00Z: NE-E 2-3 1.5 M //
TU 19. 12Z: NE-E 2-3 1.5 M //
WE 20. 00Z: NE-E 2-3 1.5 M //
ZCZC 442

As for JVCOM WX FAX what are your impressions ?

Message from yulxxx at Thursday, 14-Oct-10 22:12:05 GMT
Thanks Calico !!!

I nevever heard about RTTY stations... well not exactly, but you made me search and discover many useful things for my trip !!!

On Next One I found Monsanto, Porto Santo and Horta (NAVTEX)

And on next... decoding of your RTTY


Concerning your question... I tested JVcom on an SSB Radio (Yaesu FT-857) of a frind a few days ago.. mounted on a boat at Almeria Habour...We conected to Northwood and the quality of reception was excepcional !! (Clear as a good fax can be !).

Later on.. testing on my PC at home (Using Globaltuners) the quality of the fax was not so good but still OK !! ... and was able to receive SSTV also with reasonable quality..


One thing I have discovered tonight is the Winlink 2000 (

Sounds great !!! but need to study how it works and how can I make a good use of it... but as a first glance is perfect !!!

Do you know Winlink ??? does my receiver needs to be installed a modem like Pactor III to make use of this facility or can be used as JVcomm wen this program send SSTV ??

(It is strange that JVcomm is able to receive RTTY But NO TRANSMITT ...(rare) as on the other hand is possible to send SSTV (that I figure out to be more complex ).... do you know the reason ??

Rgds from Sunny Spain ..Jorge
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