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Message from Kai at Tuesday, 07-Dec-10 02:12:39 GMT
Is online again, for some reason the globaltuners daemon died, I've restarted and it's all good.

Enjoy :)
Message from Calico at Tuesday, 07-Dec-10 11:59:29 GMT
Thanks Kai :)
Message from de9man at Tuesday, 07-Dec-10 18:09:59 GMT
Hi Kai, Thanx God that you are again on the Air. I am using your Radio regularly for some minutes in a week and I am realy very glad that you are back again. May God bless on You. Have a nice and peaceful Chrismas Time and New Year 2011. Good Bye with best Regards.
Message from vitesse at Wednesday, 08-Dec-10 00:15:05 GMT
thanks. Hope your not too much affected by flood. Just saw this on TV today, but had not the chance to see where in Australia.
Message from Kai at Wednesday, 08-Dec-10 01:03:13 GMT
Thanks for the feedback guys :)
...and no, I'm no where near the floods, they're about 4,000 k's away on the other side of the country, but thanks for your concern!
Message from Calico at Wednesday, 08-Dec-10 02:42:41 GMT
4 000 km, phew, what a vast country we are reminded Ausie-land is!

You guys more than qualify to be doing dx-ing while listening to your own domestic stations! ;-)

By the way, not knowing much about the terrain of Australia, how mountainous it is, etc, what are the chances of picking up MW stations (coast to coast) at night?

Welcome back again!
Message from Kai at Wednesday, 08-Dec-10 04:28:58 GMT
Yeah, it's about 4,000k's in a straight line, longer by road.
As a time guide it'd take me about 9 days to drive there, or about 6 hours on the plane.

Terrain within 200k's from Broome is pretty flat, we're on a pretty stable continental plate here, the landscape's been windblown and shaped by rain four hundreds of thousands of years so, in comparison to maybe Switzerland and stuff, we're pretty flat.

Our longest feature is the Great Dividing Range, it's more than 3,500k's long, goes through three states, bit more info here:

Depending what time of year and overall wx condx, yeah, MW stations cross country are good, enjoy :)

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