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Receiver: Glasgow Airport (Twr/App/Gnd only)
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Receiver image
Online daily 06:30-22:30

Receiver will ONLY allow you to tune:
Tower 118.800
Approach 119.100
Ground 121.700

Receiver settings are optimised and can’t be changed.

Always ask for permission to tune, however if EGPF-41 is logged on, just tune without asking, probably watching cam’s.

Great to use in the background with webcams.

**** Log out when you’re done! ****


*** Glasgow Airport Webcam - 2 Live streams (incl playback feature) ***

To support running this Receiver, try our LIVE Webcam streams / Listen & Watch! Catch All runway 05/23 arrivals & departures.

Streaming daily 06:30-22:30

**** Catch the daily Emirates A380 12:45/14:35 **** / Follow on Twitter @GlasgowCam
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