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Receiver: Verona Sezione A.R.I.
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Welcome in Verona! JN55LL.

Verona known all over the world as Romeo and Juliet’s city, has been decreed as patrimony of the humanity by the UNESCO.

In addition, its geographical position and its unique monuments like the Arena with the nearby Museum of historical Radio, the roman theatre and some others, make this city one of the most popular destinations for intelligent tourists.

You can find more historical details about Verona following this link:

The Receiver A.R.I. is located in the Italian Amateur Radio Club of Verona (Forte San Mattia). The receiver is an ICOM IC-PCR2500. The Aerial is a Discone antenna.
A.R.I. Verona is QRV on D-STAR ham radio network: digital repeater IR3DB B on 430.450 MHz.
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