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Message from iz0mvn at Sunday, 22-Sep-13 20:33:01 GMT
DL7AD Balloon acquisition
QRG 434.500 MHz USB - over Europe
Frequency of the balloon: 434.500 Mhz USB
Information about the balloon:
Balloon Tracking Site:
Message from WQKZ579 at Sunday, 06-Oct-13 15:04:01 GMT
nice i wonder how i do this too
Message from n2nxz at Friday, 29-Nov-13 01:15:00 GMT
Looking for people to track a balloon payload launch next week(Monday or Tuesday).This balloon will be an attempt to cross the Atlantic from Rochester,NY.Jetstream looks favorable for this possibity and can use some tracking stations.
Info here to those capable of receiving 70cm using USB mode with DL-FLDIGI tracking software.Stations in between Nova Scotia Canada and Rochester,NY would be helpful.
Both trackers will start to transmit RTTY 7N2 50 baud on their respective
frequencies(434.500 mhz). If you can get receivers you'll get live updates
as long as they are in range. There is no power saving but APRS will not
transmit until they are in range of Europe and/or the Azores ( ididn't see
the point in enabling it on 144.800 and the APRS module is a fixed
10 meter CW beacon recently added @ 28.219 mhz +/-

Jim,N2NXZ - Rochester,NY

Last edited by n2nxz at Friday, 29-Nov-13 01:16:28 UTC
Message from WQKZ579 at Tuesday, 27-May-14 00:35:27 GMT
any updates on how this project went?
Message from n2nxz at Thursday, 29-May-14 23:39:46 GMT
Here is the last piece of information on our attempt.

However,the payloads are somewhere in the Atlantic ocean in sealed Styrofoam containers.Maybe someday they will wash ashore?
Looking forward to the next hopefully soon!
Thanks for the interest.
Message from WQKZ579 at Friday, 15-May-15 07:23:24 GMT
Mr jim have you done anymore balloons?
Message from n2nxz at Friday, 15-May-15 12:21:37 GMT
Recently sent up 2 balloons a few weeks ago.
One custom mylar about 5ft diameter with a 28.222.8 mhz CW beacon.It operates from solar power with call of NY2DS.We are not sure where or how far it went.
Then a week later sent a much larger mylar type.10ft x 5 ft with an RTTY beacon payload.Also solar powered on 10.135 mhz.Call sign N2NXZ-10 continuous last heading West.We think the low lift took it NW then North and possibly to higher altitudes taking it Eastward in Canada.Last signal was heard in Michigan before fading away.
Hoping to get a few more in the air in coming weeks.Thanks for your interest,the last 2 may turn up.
Message from WQKZ579 at Friday, 15-May-15 16:33:28 GMT
Sounds good love reading up on projects. Do those mini HF beacons propagate far?

Wish the HABHub had more live tracking stations over the US. I'm interested to try doing one myself. Keep us posted, do you have a blog or youtube on it?
Message from n2nxz at Friday, 15-May-15 17:26:06 GMT
One of my hand made envelopes are going to be tested tomorrow 6:00 PM EST.
Check for activity around that time providing all goes as planned.!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a%2FKD2EAT-11&timerange=3600&tail=3600
The small beacons for 10 meter obviously depend on propagation,especially for the 10 meter band.It has been very poor lately for such a low power beacon,but possible.However,ground stations would hear one easily within 100 mile radius.Mine are usually copied for up to 5 hours after a launch.Not bad !!The RTTY beacon was totally new using an Arduino Nano,AD9850 dds module and a small RF amplifier.Nice signal from that beacon for a few hours.
My website is crude but free.More info there,the best I can do so far.
Balloon stuff down the page a bit.
Feel free to email me anytime you are going to launch something.Will certainly make an effort to copy your signal(s).Have you tried DLFLdigi program?Good to have ready to use.It will put you on the map once configured.

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