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Daily statistics
DateRegistrationsLogins PageviewsWebsite errorsReceivers openedTotal listen time
15 Feb 18, Thu2732177701091117172 minutes
16 Feb 18, Fri3832595089083913214 minutes
17 Feb 18, Sat26319127566183510444 minutes
18 Feb 18, Sun283841198900104916199 minutes
19 Feb 18, Mon3133180927188417199 minutes
20 Feb 18, Tue2032572636084512139 minutes
21 Feb 18, Wed2433871642785116293 minutes
22 Feb 18, Thu2129458517590118509 minutes
23 Feb 18, Fri2118941073741610467 minutes
Receiver sessions
Users who are currently logged on to receivers (20 total).
UserReceiverLogged inFrequency
lukec999Aberdare0 minutes ago133.6 MHz
jerryat187Aberdare179 minutes ago133.6 MHz
alcotBarcelona SPAIN - All mode HF VHF UHF [DSP]0 minutes ago134.68 MHz
graybo777BEDFORD "1.6MHZ-470MHZ" 50 METER HIGH 40 MILES FROM NORTH LONDON56 minutes ago132.603 MHz
kazanova0001Florina - West Macedonia HF - VHF - FM Receiver3 minutes ago5.708 MHz
PlaneEnthusiastGlasgow & Scottish Control23 minutes ago118.8 MHz
AugustLexington, Kentucky #2276 minutes ago18.1 MHz
MattG22London West16 minutes ago134.125 MHz
Pricey95London West327 minutes ago134.125 MHz
maws06jLondon West76 minutes ago134.125 MHz
davidportalaOkazaki, Aichi1 minutes ago729 kHz
madrakeitaRavenna 0-2 GHz All Mode JN64CK0 minutes ago120.725 MHz
joe002Suffolk PCR2 minutes ago106.4 MHz
Airwave100Sutton Coldfield44 minutes ago134.75 MHz
lukec999Sutton Coldfield8 minutes ago134.75 MHz
username9Sydney *V/UHF whip only*37 minutes ago476.475 MHz
simon09West London125 minutes ago120.4 MHz
AxlWest London4 minutes ago120.4 MHz
www198West London62 minutes ago120.4 MHz
christangWest London36 minutes ago120.4 MHz
Some more numbers...
118 active sessions (40 were active in the last 10 minutes).
873 users logged in this week.
85576 registered members.
55 receivers on-line.
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