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Broome remote Airspy DiscoveryAustraliaExtIO SDRAvailable
Broome remote VHF DXAustraliaRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Tuned to 90.7 MHz
Perth, Western Australia (Icom PCR2500 Wideband)AustraliaIcom PCR-2500Available
Boutiliers Point (Halifax, NS)CanadaSDRPlay RSP (API v3)Available
Woodstock, New BrunswickCanadaIcom PCR-1000Available
CyprusCyprusRTL2832 SDR (experimental decoder)Tuned to 125.5 MHz
Toulouse-Castanet DXFranceIcom PCR-1000Available
Florina, Macedonia HF/VHFGreeceIcom PCR-1500Available
BolzanoItalyRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
Crema 1 - 0-2 GHz All Mode in JN45UIItalyIcom IC-R8500Available
Crema 2 - 0-2 GHz All Mode in JN45UIItalyIcom IC-R8500Available
Crema portableItalyAOR AR-8600Available
Ravenna 0-2 GHz All ModeItalyIcom IC-R8500Available
Ravenna SDR VHF/UHFItalyRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
BredaNetherlandsIcom PCR-1000Available
Marahau, Tasman BayNew ZealandAOR AR-7030Tuned to 3.573 MHz
Marahau, Tasman Bay (VHF/UHF)New ZealandRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
Karachi - Air Traffic ControlPakistanRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
Barcelona (HF/VHF/UHF)SpainIcom PCR-1000Available
Stockholm (HF/VHF/UHF)SwedenIcom PCR-2500Available
AberdeenshireUnited KingdomRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
BEDFORD"1.6MHz-470MHz"30 MILES FROM NORTH LONDON" FIXED !United KingdomIcom PCR-1000Available
Derby - 2M/70CM tempUnited KingdomRTL2832 SDR (old decoder)Available
Derby - 80-900Mhz / BUnited KingdomRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
Glasgow & Scottish ControlUnited KingdomRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
Hamilton Scotland RSPduo 1kHz to 2GHzUnited KingdomSDRPlay RSP (API v3)Available
Herne BayUnited KingdomRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
Holmes ChapelUnited KingdomRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Tuned to 128.055 MHz
Holmes Chapel 2United KingdomRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
Sutton ColdfieldUnited KingdomRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
TeessideUnited KingdomSDRPlay RSP (API v2)Available
Warrington (VHF/UHF)United KingdomRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
West KentUnited KingdomRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
Duluth - MN 1United States of AmericaIcom IC-R75Available
Duluth - MN 2United States of AmericaAudio onlyAvailable
Duluth - MN AirUnited States of AmericaAudio onlyAvailable
Edinburgh, Indiana FM BroadcastUnited States of AmericaExtIO SDRAvailable
Edinburgh, Indiana SDRPlayUnited States of AmericaSDRPlay RSP (API v2)Available
Indianapolis HF DXUnited States of AmericaSDRPlay RSP (API v3)Available
Kings Mountain North CarolinaUnited States of AmericaIcom PCR-1000Available
Knoxville, TennesseeUnited States of AmericaIcom PCR-1000Available
Las Vegas, NevadaUnited States of AmericaIcom PCR-100Available
Lexington, Kentucky #1United States of AmericaIcom PCR-1000Available
Lexington, Kentucky #2United States of AmericaIcom PCR-1500Tuned to 7.0475 MHz
Los Angeles, Norwalk CA DM03XV RTL-SDRUnited States of AmericaRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
Milford PAUnited States of AmericaRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
Mt. Lemmon ArizonaUnited States of AmericaIcom PCR-1500Available
San Antonio, Texas 3United States of AmericaIcom PCR-1500Available
San Bernardino, CaliforniaUnited States of AmericaIcom PCR-1000Available
South Reno, NVUnited States of AmericaRTL2832 SDR (new decoder)Available
Tucson, ArizonaUnited States of AmericaIcom PCR-1500Available
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