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Message from tkruczek at Sunday, 29-Mar-09 23:30:43 GMT
Many interesting ideas lately on how to use Global Tuners. For example, the South Dakota US node being renamed/used for flood information; a node in Kentucky being used for a massive fire; or how about this one....following the International Space Station on various nodes as it orbits the earth and transmits information. Very cool.

I'd like to suggest that this "Newsletter" forum entry be used for creative uses of Global Tuners? What do you think?

Message from SDSpike at Tuesday, 14-Apr-09 08:08:29 GMT
I got to say renaming my node during the rising waters of the Red river threating Fargo did stir some interst and I got the hits. My node went from 16th on the top list to fourth in a day.

Message from vitesse at Tuesday, 14-Apr-09 19:56:05 GMT
I like the idea. it rarely happen someting big where I leave but in other part of the world this is interesting to get "information" with GlobalTuners nodes.
Message from Frank_ZL1FMA at Tuesday, 15-Sep-09 08:55:21 GMT
Thought I would put this in for you Vitesse. BPSK31 is a narrow band digital mode usually found on 14.070mhz USB 10.140mhz or 7035mhz. If you google for Hamscope or MMVARI you should be able to access one or the other for a free download. These are only small programmes and very easy to set up in XP. Hamscope is more colourful with its interface and has a waterfall type screen available. All you have to do do is run (either programme) alongside what you can hear via Global tuner receivers or your own receiver. Take an audio output and feed into the mike or line in of PC at Minimal audio level. You will quickly learn the distinct sound to listen for. There are audio samples on some ham radio sites and there also some SSTV samples to test your system.. SSTV frequencies are 14.230/14.233 mhz USB 7.710 and 3.845. If you keep googling hard enough you'll find heaps of information available.
Forgot to mention (for BPSK 31) on the waterfall look for narrow bands of different colour to click on to, or if you use the waveform mode look for the narrow twin peak of a waveform very close together above the noise level. Looks a bit like a tooth sticking up thats in need of a filling.
Good luck.

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