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Message from antennaz at Tuesday, 19-May-20 14:10:24 GMT
Hi,how do i enable bias-tea??
Message from GeoffW at Tuesday, 19-May-20 18:41:09 GMT
This might be worth a look but heed the warning about feeding into DC short circuit antenna or device
Message from GeoffW at Tuesday, 19-May-20 18:41:48 GMT
Message from Wiggi001 at Tuesday, 19-May-20 18:44:01 GMT
cheers GeoffW
Message from Ivo at Saturday, 23-May-20 10:33:50 GMT
It is currently not possible to control the Bias Tee directly from GlobalTuners. If you need it and can test it I could add this to the software.

You can also use the rtl_biast command before starting the radio server software using the command "rtl_biast -b 1". If this works as expected, you could add this command to the check/start scripts in .uradioserver.
Message from antennaz at Saturday, 23-May-20 11:41:56 GMT
yes sure i'd like to test it.
Message from Ivo at Saturday, 23-May-20 19:50:45 GMT
@cwe-uk, I've added the option for your receiver. On the configuration page you can now find Radio.RTL2832.BiasTee and set it to On GPIO 0. That should work for most SDRs.
Message from antennaz at Saturday, 23-May-20 19:52:26 GMT
Thank you.
I'll get testing tomorrow.
Much appreciated.
Message from saveinstaa1 at Friday, 21-Jun-24 19:12:09 GMT
Message from bella324 at Tuesday, 02-Jul-24 00:49:57 GMT
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