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Message from gandy18 at Sunday, 06-Sep-20 11:48:12 GMT
Hi everyone,

Is it possible to tune to an A/G station? I'm currently training at Popham Airfield (on 129.805) and would be great to listen to their comms and other local airfields prior to my cross country nav.


Message from trustno1 at Sunday, 16-Jan-22 18:53:26 GMT

I'm in a similar situation. Currently training at Stapleford Airfild. Been trying Stapleford Radio 122.805 and North Weald 123.53 (this one is listed) all day on Essex receiver with no luck.
The receiver is in Chelmsford so very close.

Being able to listen to their comms would be invaluable. Any ideas why it's not working?

Many thanks,

Last edited by trustno1 at Sunday, 16-Jan-22 19:03:21 UTC
Message from trustno1 at Thursday, 03-Feb-22 14:22:32 GMT

I can listen to Stapleford on Bedford received. The reception is good and I can hear aircraft just fine, but for some reason I can't hear the ground radio operator. Why is that?

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