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Message from valtteri13 at Monday, 10-May-21 14:48:07 GMT
Does anyone know how to listen BBC Radio Solent here, the frequencies are 96.1 fm and 103.8fm
Message from WQKZ579 at Monday, 05-Jul-21 02:21:50 GMT
Yeah you pick a receiver that's close enough to the transmitter if there are any and then tune those frequencies. Otherwise there is probably a direct internet feed somewhere you could catch it on.

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Message from stevywee at Wednesday, 29-Dec-21 09:54:08 GMT
Hello everybody :)

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Message from taxdolls at Thursday, 09-May-24 03:39:46 GMT
I'll show you how to listen to BBC Radio Solent by choosing a receiver close enough to the transmitter if there is one and then tuning those frequencies. Alternatively you probably have a live internet feed somewhere that you can watch.

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