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Message from StellaMortua at Thursday, 09-Nov-23 10:59:52 GMT
Hello! I’m Stella, part of a community working to solve a mystery that involves a lot of radio related clues. One major clue we have led us to an image with a circuit diagram that lead us back to this page:

I’m just here representing myself, and not the community (So Joana, or the 50° Joana Book mystery), but I am curious to know what anyone with a better understanding thinks of this. The other part of the clue were: 368Mhz, a Fire lookout tower on the Appalachian trail in NC (Shuckstack Firetower), and White Alice (we assume meaning WACS). My only guess (with my very surface knowledge of radio, though I’m getting into it more after joining here hahaha!) is that we should tune in to that frequency from that location, but does that make sense as a way to hide a clue?

If any of these clues make sense together with the diagram I linked, it would be a HUGE help, and greatly appreciated. Even a slightly educated guess! Thank you anyone taking the time to look this post over!

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