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Message from Dreamxtreme at Friday, 10-Sep-10 19:42:55 GMT
We need to get all the files we need in one place as people arnt always around to email or send files such as the Seeeduino firmware we need

Message from Dreamxtreme at Saturday, 11-Sep-10 22:27:17 GMT
Ok Here they all are in case you need them

Driver for Seeedunio/Arndunio board on Windows

Software for Seeedunio/Arndunio Board

Firmware for Seeedunio/Arnduino Board

XDR Manager Software by Olivier F4CMB

Luc's Guide to modifying a rotator to work on GT

Also A Very Rare Recorder which works on volume level (Vox) and works well with the XDR-F1HD so you can leave it on a freq and set and leave the radio to it! (also great for MS overnight)

Will update when needed :D

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Message from astra at Monday, 13-Sep-10 18:45:48 GMT
Thanks for these files.

The following files cannot be downloaded from mediafire:

Regards, Astra
Message from Dreamxtreme at Monday, 13-Sep-10 19:58:51 GMT
Ok Try again same link on the 1st 1

the 2nd link for the PDF doesnt seem to work at the moment i will try again tomorrow
Message from PA5M at Tuesday, 22-Mar-11 17:10:30 GMT
Anybody has an idea where this link went?

"Luc's Guide to modifying a rotator to work on GT"


Message from PA5M at Tuesday, 05-Apr-11 10:03:28 GMT

A little update on the installation of my FM-DX station.
Last Saturday the 13mtr crank-up tower in the garden was relocated a few meters closer to my house so now all antennas will rotate only on my garden.
At the same time a Korner 15.11 was installed on the top together with a fake owl to keep away the birds.
So far no birds on the elements!

Also preparations were made to connect the second Korner 15.11 by already adding the coax combiner (schematics provided by Peter Korner, TNX!)in the mast.
The RDS add on from Ced has been ordered and hopefully can be added soon to the system.
The remote rotator control sytem has been tested last night with Ivo and implemented to my radio set-up.
A few rotator/antenna issues have to be solved first and therefore the remote rotator control will be disabbled for the moment until all work is done.


Message from oregon-dave at Monday, 06-May-13 19:27:40 GMT
I have 2 versions of XDRManager.exe:

1) v1.21a alpha, with HD tuning buttons. This version does not seem to work well at all with the AM band...

2) v1.3, no HD tuning buttons; not sure about AM band functionality...

Is there a newer version compatible with IR tuning?


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