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World Amateur Radio

IARU Region 1 Member Societies

World Amateur Radio Day.


Each year on 18 April, Radio Amateurs, celebrate World Amateur Radio Day. On that day, 83 years ago, in 1925, the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) was founded.
The theme of the celebrations this year is: “Amateur Radio: A Foundation for Technical Knowledge”.
It is no secret that lot of professionals in the field of radio, TV, communications, electronics, etc. have started their technical education as young Radio Amateurs. Although Amateur Radio has a different face nowadays – Digital Communications, Voice over Internet Protocol, Satellite up- and downlinks, etc. – it is even of greater value as a foundation for technical knowledge for youngsters. And much more – it is and should be used as unique attraction for future young Radio Amateurs.
The IARU Region 1 Executive Committee would like to use the occasion to promote and publicise Amateur Radio, and appeals to all Member Societies to find suitable ways of celebrating World Amateur Radio Day. Many ways can be considered – inviting youngsters to Radio Clubs, showing up on the air with a special callsign, organising a station in public area with media coverage or publicly honouring veterans. Whatever method is chosen, I suggest that you write and publish a Press Release for the media, giving the background to World Amateur Radio Day, and promoting the value of Amateur Radio as a foundation for a technical career.  
The Executive Committee will be very pleased to hear how Member Societies chose to celebrate World Amateur Radio Day – write to us with your stories and send us photos. They will be published on the Region 1 website and will be of great interest to the amateur radio community.  
Ole Garpestad, LA2RR
IARU Region 1


Issued by Pascal.

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